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Alain Lavoie
is a web developer based in Southwestern Ontario. He is a recent graduate of the Internet Applications and Web Development program at Fanshawe College School of Information Technology.Al, as he likes to be called, is ready, willing, and capable of taking on company challenges and meeting customers' needs. Armed with the most up to date technologies and standards he will not disappoint. Al's previous career in the Mining Industry has equipped him with extraordinary assets he can utilize in his new career of Full Stack Web Developer.

Problem Solving

Alain brings his exceptional knowledge and experience when it comes to problem- solving. Although different situations create differing problems, it's the method behind solving problems that will resolve all issues.


Many years in the Mining Industry has given him the tools to think and react quickly. He has a sharp focus on time management, attention to detail, and understands the importance of following instruction.


Al is driven by the need to see the end result whether it be the result of a team effort or an individual task. Adherence to deadlines and milestones, Al can be relied on to deliver quality work on time.

Team Oriented

Al has been commended for being a strong team player with an excellent work ethic. A strong team where every person has a voice can accomplish great things.